E.M. Curran & Associates LLC is pleased to announce that Attorney/Advocate Ellen Marie Curran was recently elected to the Board of Directors of SPaN - Special Needs Advocacy Network. Ellen will serve a two-year term as Membership Secretary. 

As Founder and Owner of E.M. Curran & Associates, LLC, Ellen uses her knowledge and experience in both the legal and education settings to guide students and their parents through the entire, complex special education process. Ellen holds a Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School (2000) and a Masters in Moderate Special Needs from Boston College’s Lynch School of Education (2010).  Ellen has been trained by the Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN) and continues her professional development by attending events hosted by Wrights Law, SPaN, Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA) and Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE).

In addition to helping those students and parents who can seek out assistance, Ellen's goal is to assist those students and families who are often overlooked and forgotten in school districts that have little to no parent involvement. She firmly believes that if parents are educated and supported, they can become the best advocates for their own children. Ellen is an active participant of the Special Education Surrogate Parent (SESP) program.

If you are not familiar with SPaN, it is a statewide organize that's membership consists of both Advocates and Attorneys interested in supporting Students and their families through their Education difficulties. Here is a partial list of some of SPaN's key goals: 

  • Develop and promote standards for practicing advocates. 

  • Provide workshops, training and professional information on issues related to special education 

  • Help advocates establish sound business practices 

  • Provide information about governmental activities, both federal and state, that impact special education law 

  • Develop and maintain a collaborative and cooperative relationship with public and private agencies which are concerned about special education

  • Provide the public with a list of special education advocates

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