If you have ever tried going it alone and represented yourself in a legal matter before, you were called a pro se party. As a pro se party you had to figure out for yourself, the legal system as well as all the ins and outs of the rules and pleadings that were necessary. E.M. Curran & Associates LLC can help you with your legal matters in a limited capacity this is called Limited Assistance Representation or L.A.R.  We can provide guidance on the rules of the court, help you fill out forms, review documents and give you feedback, help you draft responses and/or motions, and in some instances we can appear in court with you to help you with a certain part of the case.

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Limited Assistance Representation is much more economical and cost-efficient. The attorney and party enter into a detailed agreement defining what specific and limited tasks the attorney will be responsible for and what tasks the party will be responsible for. Rather than paying for months or even years of legal representation, you can seek legal advice for select issues or tasks such as but not limited to:

  1. Document review: thoroughly review documents, pleadings and other written materials and discuss and explain the content to you.

  2. Consultation/Coaching: evaluate, analyze and help develop a strategy for a particular situation; given you legal advice and inform you of your options.

  3. Specific Services: assist you with a specific service such as ghost-writing a response/letter or legal research about the laws and the relevant cases.

  4. Limited-Scope Attorney Appearance: in very limited instances we can appear in court with you to help you with a certain part of the case.

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