CORI Sealing


A Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) is a record of all criminal court appearances in Massachusetts for a particular individual, including arrests, convictions, dismissals, and serious violations.There are ways to reduce the impact of a CORI on daily life. In any case, removing an offense from your CORI requires getting a court order.  


Limited Assistance Representation


Limited Assistance Representation is when an attorney represents or assists a party with part, but not all, of his or her legal matter, instead of the standard full representation on an entire case. Limited Assistance Representation is much more economical and cost-efficient. Rather than paying for months or even years of legal representation, you can seek legal advice for select issues or tasks.


Real Estate

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If you are buying or selling a home there are a lot of things to be aware of and to stay on top of. We assist with the drafting and review of Purchase and Sales Agreements as well as the representation of buyers, sellers or banks at the time of closing. 


Estate Planning

It’s a topic that many of us try to avoid – our deaths. Being proactive and planning for your family’s future is a necessity in today’s world. If you do not take the time to plan, the state will step in and dictate what happens to your worldly possessions.