Top 5 ways to keep children engaged during the summer...

Often a student will have some regression over the summer months. There are several things that parents/guardians can do to help with this... 

#5 - Active reading

Check out your local library for reading events, activities or summer book clubs. If you cannot find one appropriate for your child, set one up with your own children or a group of your child's friends. 

#4 - Active engagement

Make sure your child is still engaging in appropriate social interactions during the summer. If your child has skill sets they are working on, ask their teacher for some worksheets or suggestions that can be done at home. 

#3 - Active critical thinking

Going away or have a family member or friend not too close? Have you child write letters, stories and/or postcards to this person that requires them to use their writing skills as well as their brains to critically think about what to say and how to say it. 

#2 - Active bodies

Encourage play and time spent outside during the summer instead of electonics. Something as simple as a scavenger hunt or a bingo game based on items found in your child's usual environment can reinforce content they have been taught and/or just show an interest in.

#1 -  Active communities

Reach out to your local schools, recreation departments and children friendly businesses to see if they have summer programs and/or volunteer positions open. 

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