Aww the first few days of summer vacation are great! Then you start hearing the repetitive complaints of being bored. Here are some summer suggestions….

summer suggestions.png

Local Zoos and Aquariums

Many local zoos and aquariums have long and short term summer programs/camps.

Zoo New England offers a camp about of their locations (Franklin Park in Boston and Stone Zoo in Stoneham). At both camps. Zoo educators will lead campers through an adventurous week of animal explorations, hands-on activities, animal-related games, and crafts. 

New England Aquarium offers camps for older students. For example, their Harbor Discoveries is an interactive marine and environmental science program that incorporates traditional camp activities. Through exploration of local marine habitats and the Aquarium, and an excitement for ocean conservation, Harbor Discoveries enhances the passion and potential impact that young people can have in and for the ocean.

Local Libraries

Many folks overlook the hidden gems that are their local libraries. Many libraries offer teen hours, story time, STEM activities, activities geared to siblings and/or parent bonding. Some libraries also offer opportunities for older students to work with either younger students or students with special needs.

Check out your local library’s website and/or stop in and ask some questions. IF you don’t see something that is appropriate for your child, ask if they know of an appropriate offering or would they be willing to coordinate something. You will be surprised by how much knowledge these librarians have and are willing to share with those that ask.

Local Recreation Departments

Almost every town/city has a recreation department that offers a wide variety of short-long term offerings. Many towns/cities are also willing to help financially, just ask what your town’s policy is about scholarships. Again if you do not see something that is a ‘right’ fit for your individual child, call and ask if they can accommodate. If they cannot accommodate, don’t be upset. Instead ask them if they know any more appropriate options. Again these folks have a plethora of information and are always willing to share it with interested parties.